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    Best-Selling Fancy Guppy Fish

    Discover the vibrant world of Guppy Fish, the colorful gems of the freshwater aquarium hobby. Guppy Fish, renowned for their dazzling array of colors and easy care, make an ideal choice for both novice and experienced aquarists. Originating from the warm waters of South America, these hardy and adaptable fish bring life and vibrancy to any tank.

    Fancy Guppy Collection

    Guppy fish bring life and vibrancy to any space they inhabit, and they are a joy to watch as they swim and play

    • Albino Full Red BDS Guppy | Tropicflow

      Solid Color Guppies

      Sometimes, less is more!

      Single, solid color doesn't mean boring, minimalistic features yet not less eye-catching than their more colorful variants. Our solid-color guppies come with Full Red Guppy, Full White Guppy, Full Gold Guppy, and Full Black Guppy Visit our collection today for a great selection of solid-color guppies.

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    • Half Black Red Rose Guppy

      Half Black Guppies

      A Half Black guppy is a type of guppy fish that has a partially black coloration. This can be achieved through selective breeding, where guppies with a black coloration are bred together to produce offspring that have a higher percentage of black coloring. Half Black guppies can have various patterns and shades of black, ranging from solid black to black with other colors mixed lIke red, white, and yellow

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    • Full Gold Guppy | Tropicflow

      Albino Guppies

      An Albino Guppy is a type of guppy fish that lacks pigment in its skin, scales, and red eyes. This results in a pale, almost translucent appearance, with the fish appearing white or very light pink in color. Albino guppies are a rare and sought-after variant of the guppy, and they are often prized by fish hobbyists for their unique appearance.

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    • Red Dragon BDS Guppy | Tropicflow

      Dragon Guppies

      The Dragon Guppy is a type of ornamental fish that is popular in the aquarium hobby. It is known for its vibrant colors and unique tail shape, which resembles the tail of a dragon.

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    • Dumbo Ear Guppies

      The Dumbo Ear Guppy is a type of ornamental fish known for its large, rounded pectoral fins that resemble the ears of Disney's character Dumbo the Elephant. They are popular in the aquarium hobby due to their bright colors and unique appearance.

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    • Blue Guppies

      Blue Guppies Collection includes Blue Topaz, Blue Grass, and Blue Japan Guppy. These guppy fish known for its vibrant blue colaration. It is a popular species in the aquarium hobby and is prized for its bright hues and peaceful behavior

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    Blue Topaz Ribbon Guppy

    Blue Topaz Guppy is a popular species in the aquarium hobby and is prized for its bright hues and peaceful behavior

    Exotic Guppies - PreOrder

    Explore the world of guppy fish and discover rare and exotic varieties


    Shopping With Confident

    • 100% Live Arrival Guarantee

      100% Live Arrival Guarantee

      At Tropicflow, our top priority is to ensure that our customers are completely satisfied with their purchases. We understand that receiving a shipment with dead livestock or plants can be a frustrating experience, which is why we offer our 100% Live Arrival Guarantee. Rest assured, we are committed to making things right and ensuring that you are happy with your purchase.

    • High Quality Fish

      High Quality Fish

      At Tropicflow, we take the health and happiness of our fish seriously. That's why we only send out the best of the best - healthy fish with shiny, vibrant colors and beautifully wide tails. And before they make their way to your aquarium, we give them the royal treatment: two full days of quarantine to ensure they're in top shape and ready for their new home.

    • Flat Shipping Rates $15

      Flat-Rates Shipping $25

      At Tropicflow, we strive to make the shipping process as affordable and convenient as possible for our customers. Our flat rate shipping starts as low as $25, and the more fish you purchase, the more you save on shipping fees. We encourage our customers to combine as many fish as possible in each order to take advantage of these cost-saving opportunities.

    Guppy Fish FAQs

    What is Guppy Fish?

    Guppy Fish, also known as Poecilia reticulata, are small, vibrant freshwater fish renowned for their diverse colors and patterns. They are popular in the aquarium hobby due to their peaceful nature, ease of care, and the males' spectacular tail fins.

    How long do Guppy Fish live?

    Guppy Fish typically live for 1 to 2 years, though with optimal care, some may live up to 3 years. Factors that influence their lifespan include genetics, diet, tank conditions, and disease prevention.

    Are Guppies tropical fish?

    Yes, Guppies are considered tropical fish. They originate from warmer climates and prefer water temperatures between 72-82°F (22-28°C), which aligns with typical tropical aquarium conditions.

    What do Guppy Fish eat?

    Guppy Fish are omnivores and can eat a variety of foods, including flake food, freeze-dried, and live foods like brine shrimp and bloodworms. A balanced diet is crucial for their health and vibrant colors.

    What fish can live with Guppies?

    Guppies can coexist with other peaceful, small fish species. Suitable tank mates include tetras, mollies, platies, and certain types of catfish. Avoid aggressive fish that might harass or eat Guppies.

    How to care for Guppy Fish?

    Caring for Guppy Fish involves maintaining clean water with regular water changes, providing a balanced diet, and ensuring a stress-free environment with plenty of space and hiding spots. Proper filtration and monitoring of water parameters are also essential.

    Are Guppies freshwater fish?

    Yes, Guppies are freshwater fish. They are adaptable to various water conditions but thrive best in clean, well-oxygenated freshwater environments with stable temperatures and pH levels.

    Can Guppies eat Betta food?

    While Guppies can eat Betta food occasionally, it should not be their primary diet. Betta food is high in protein and designed for Betta's carnivorous diet, whereas Guppies, being omnivorous, require a more varied diet that includes both plant and animal-based foods.

    How often should I feed my Guppy Fish?

    Feed your Guppy Fish small amounts two to three times a day, only giving them as much as they can consume in a few minutes. Overfeeding can lead to water quality issues and health problems for the fish.

    How do I know if my Guppy Fish is male or female?

    Male Guppies are smaller, more vibrantly colored, and have a long, flowing tail and dorsal fin. Females are larger, less colorful, and have a rounded anal fin. The easiest way to differentiate is by the male's gonopodium, a modified anal fin used for reproduction.

    How quickly do Guppy Fish reproduce?

    Guppy Fish are prolific breeders. Females can give birth to 20-50 fry every 30 days under optimal conditions. To control population growth, it's recommended to separate males from females or provide plenty of hiding spots for fry to avoid being eaten by adults.

    What is the ideal tank size for Guppy Fish?

    A 10-gallon tank is suitable for a small group of Guppies, but larger tanks are recommended if you plan to keep multiple males and females together, especially to accommodate their rapid reproduction rate.

    How can you tell if a Guppy Fish is pregnant?

    A pregnant Guppy Fish will have a noticeably swollen abdomen, and as gestation progresses, you may see a dark spot near the back of her belly, known as the gravid spot. Behavior changes such as seeking isolation or reduced activity might also occur.