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    Shipping and Deliver FAQs

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    I chose UPS Next Day Air / UPS 2 Days Air, but my order hasn't shipped. Why?

    We ship orders on Mondays to Wednesdays. Your order, using Next Day Air or UPS 2 Days Air, will be sent out on the next shipping day. For example, if you order on Thursday with UPS 2 Days Air, it'll be shipped on the following Monday and reach you by Wednesday.

    Extreme Weather Shipping

    If the local temperature experiences extreme weather conditions outside the safe range of 40°F to 90°F for fish transport, we will delay your order until conditions improve.

    What is Tropicflow Flat-Rate Shipping Fee?

    At Tropicflow, customer happiness is our top priority. To make it easier for you to order our Live Fish, we offer flat-rate shipping for only $21. Additionally, the more you add to your order, the more you can save!

    How is the fish Quarantined Before Shipping?

    Ensuring the health and safety of shipped fish is a top priority at Tropicflow. Quarantine plays a crucial role in reducing the risk of introducing diseases or parasites into new environments. As such, all fish undergo a 2-3 days quarantine period prior to shipping, which helps promote their overall health and minimizes the likelihood of requiring treatment upon arrival at their destination.

    What Carrier Service Tropicflow Offer?

    At Tropicflow, we offer a range of carrier services for shipping your fish, including:

    • USPS Priority Mail
    • Fed Ex
    • UPS Air, UPS Air Saver, and UPS Next Day Air

    However, we highly recommend using UPS Air Saver or UPS Next Day Air, despite being slightly more expensive, as they provide a comfortable and secure trip for your fish to their new home.

    What is Tropicflow's method for shipping fish?

    Tropicflow uses a spacious, leak-resistant container to ensure that the fish have enough room to move around and enough water to have a wonderful journey to the new home.

    Additionally, Tropicflow provides an oxygen source and includes a small bag of water from the fish's tank to help the fish adjust to the new environment. To prevent temperature shock during shipping, Tropicflow uses Styrofoam on all sides of the box to maintain a consistent temperature."

    What if I want to order fish, but my local temperate is extremely hot or cold?

    At Tropicflow, we prioritize the well-being of our fish during transportation. Before shipping, we will check the temperature of your local area. In cases where the temperature is extremely hot, cold, or stormy, we will hold your order and contact you by email or phone to make arrangements for a safe delivery.

    What is the estimated delivery time for my package?

    The delivery time for your package depends on the shipping service you selected. It is important to keep in mind that once your package leaves our fulfillment center, the responsibility for its delivery depends on the shipping carrier you chose (USPS, Fed Ex, UPS).

    In case of delivery issues, you must contact the shipping carrier directly with your tracking number.

    *Please note that we are unable to provide any refunds or replacements for packages lost, delayed, or incorrect address in transit by the shipping carrier."

    How Can I track My Order Status?

    If you're wondering about the status of your order, you can track it by following the link to our: Order Tracker

    If you have a tracking number but see that the status is "NOT FOUND," it means that your package has not yet been entered into the carrier's system. Please wait for 3-5 hours before attempting to track your order again.

    What is Tropicflow's Shipping Schedule

    Live Fish, Invertebrates & Plants Delivery Schedule

    The Live Fish, Invertebrates & Plants Delivery Schedule below provides an estimated delivery date based on the day you place your order. However, unforeseen circumstances such as inclement weather may cause delivery delays, so please await confirmation of the delivery date via email. Please note that if we need to contact you regarding your order, it may affect the shipping of your package. Once your order is placed, you will receive a confirmation email with an order summary. Payment information may be verified by phone or email before the order is processed.

    Scheduled Shipping

    All Fish are shipped via UPS Next Day/ Air Saver Shipping or USPS/ FedEx 

    Our scheduled shipping days are Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday

    NOTE: All fish are quarantined 2 days before shipping 

    Order By 11:00 PM PT Shipping day  Estimate day Receive On
    Monday Wednesday Thursday
    Tuesday Thursday Friday
    Wednesday Monday Wednesday
    Thursday Monday Wednesday
    Friday Monday Wednesday
    Saturday Monday Wednesday
    Sunday Monday Wednesday

    Shipping Service

    Our Live Fish orders are exclusively shipped through UPS due to consistent delays and missed deliveries with USPS, which have resulted in higher instances of Dead on Arrival (DOA). Live fish orders are meticulously packaged throughout the year, utilizing 1.5" thick foam insulated boxes or liners tailored to the weather conditions of the customer's city and the quantity of fish ordered. Winter shipments include a shipping heat pack for added protection.

    Orders containing frozen food are shipped separately and include dry ice. All frozen orders are dispatched via UPS Next Day Air, packaged in a 1.5" - 2" insulated foam box. Our shipping options, including UPS Next Day Air, UPS Next Day Air Saver, and UPS 2nd Day Air, denote the shipping time and services provided by UPS.

    Please note that live fish orders cannot be shipped to PO Boxes. For expedited delivery, customers can opt for UPS Next Day Air or UPS Next Day Air Saver, both of which are overnight services available to all addresses in the US Continental. UPS 2nd Day Air, a 2-day shipping service, is also available as an upgrade for customers seeking faster delivery. Our standard shipping options for other products on our website include USPS Priority Mail and USPS First Class Mail.

    Extreme Weather Shipping Method

    In the event of extreme weather conditions, such as temperatures falling below 50°F or exceeding 90°F, Tropicflow reserves the right to either hold or cancel your order as deemed necessary for the well-being of the products. If your order is affected by such conditions, our team will promptly get in touch with you through email or phone.

    During the winter season, we strongly recommend opting for UPS Next Day Air for fish transport, albeit it may come at a slightly higher cost. This ensures that your fish will reach your home safely and in excellent condition.

    How does the Betta fish change its color?

    Betta fish are known for their ability to change color, which is actually a natural response to different stimuli in their environment. The most common reason for a Betta fish to change color is stress. When Betta fish are stressed, they may change color to blend in with their surroundings or to try to intimidate other fish.

    Additionally, male Betta fish may also change color as part of their mating behavior. During courtship, male Betta fish will display their fins and change color to impress females and establish dominance over other males.

    Product FAQs

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    The Betta Fish's Color Look Difference Than Online?

    Betta fish can display variations in color compared to their online appearance due to the stress experienced during shipping. Various factors such as alterations in water quality, temperature, and handling practices can contribute to this stress. However, it's important to note that the color typically returns to its usual state within 3-4 days. To avoid any further health issues, it's recommended not to overfeed the betta fish for the first 24 hours after it arrived.

    Can I add more fish(es) to my order?

    If your existing order has not yet been shipped, you may add additional items to it. To do so, please contact us via email at or send us a message, specifying the item(s) you would like to add.

    How should I proceed if my fish arrive deceased?

    If you have received fish that are dead, please get in touch with us immediately. In order for us to process a Live Arrival Guarantee claim, you must notify us within two hours of the package being delivered. Please send us a photo of the loss in the original, unopened bag, which can easily be taken with your smartphone. You can reach us at Guarantee Form with a brief explanation of the problem and attached photographs of the dead fish.

    Once we have received your form, we will issue a credit towards your future purchases, although please note that shipping costs are non-refundable. If you need replacement fish, the buyer is responsible for the shipping charges. We do our best to ensure that your fish arrive alive and healthy and that they will have a long, happy life in your aquarium. However, we also need to ensure that our business makes sense financially.

    Please note that we will not be held responsible for fish that die because the customer was not available to accept the delivery on the first attempt. It's essential that you are available to receive your package upon arrival.

    Is it possible to contact you to request about the availability of a particular color, variety, or pattern of fish in your stock?

    While we do our best to list all of our available fish on our website, there are times when we have fish in stock that are not yet listed. If there's a particular fish you're interested in that isn't on our website, we can certainly attempt to import it for you which simply filling out an Order Request. However, please be aware that the process may take longer than usual if we need to source the fish you've requested.

    What happens if the fish arrives alive but dies shortly after?

    To ensure the well-being of aquatic life, Tropicflow advises quarantining all new arrivals for a minimum of 14 days. Please note that Tropicflow will not provide refunds or replacements for any injured or ill Live Fish, Invertebrates, or Live Plants resulting from the introduction of new aquatic life to your aquarium.

    Where does Tropicflow import freshwater fish from?

    Tropicflow sources freshwater fish from various locations across the world, but primarily from South East Asia. Additionally, we have our own fish farm in Vietnam where we breed and care for our fish, including rare, exotic, and high-grade varieties.

    How often does Tropicflow import new fish?

    Tropicflow imports new fish once or twice a month, depending on factors such as demand, weather conditions, and the quality of the fish being sourced.

    Is it possible to request a special type of fish from Tropicflow?

    Yes, you can request a special type of fish from Tropicflow by filling out the Order Request form. However, please note that currently, we specialize only in guppy and betta fish.

    How does the Order Request process work?

    Once you have submitted your order request, we will promptly notify our network of trusted suppliers to search for your desired fish. As soon as a supplier has found the requested fish, we will send you a notification email that includes detailed information such as photographs, videos, and pricing. If you are satisfied with the findings, we will proceed with including the fish in our next shipment. Please be aware that due to the fast-paced nature of our suppliers, we require a response from you within one week of sending the notification email. Failure to respond within this timeframe will result in cancellation of the requested order.

    Does Tropicflow sell female bettas?

    Currently, Tropicflow has limited stock of female bettas available for sale. As a result, the only way to purchase a female betta from Tropicflow is by using the Pre-order feature. This allows customers to secure their desired fish ahead of time and ensures they will receive it once it becomes available. Tropicflow is working to increase our stock levels to offer more options for immediate purchases in the future.

    Halfmoon Betta Tail Nipping?

    Betta tail nipping is a behavior exhibited by bettas when they are stressed during transport. The tail will typically regrow within a couple of months. Tropicflow is not responsible for any instances of tail nipping.

    Pre-Order FAQs

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    How does Pre-order work?

    At Tropicflow, we have introduced a new feature called Pre-ordering, which guarantees that our customers receive the exact fish species, color, and type that they desire for their hobby. We have partnered with over five professional bettas and guppy farms, with an inventory of over 10,000 betta fishes and more than 40 different variants. Given the vast selection of fish available, it can be challenging to stock every variety in our store. Hence, we provide the pre-ordering option to our customers to ensure they have access to the specific fish they want.

    How long do I have to wait for a Pre-order?

    Your order will be imported on the next scheduled import day. Tropicflow follows a monthly schedule for importing new fish.

    For example: If you place a pre-order in April, you can anticipate receiving your order during the following month, which is May.

    Can I place an order for both Pre-order fish and in-stock fish?

    In the event that you order both pre-order fish and in-stock fish, please note that your complete order will not be shipped until your pre-order fish arrive at our store. You can expect to receive your entire order once all items are available and ready to be shipped.

    What happens if my Pre-order fish arrive dead or deceased?

    We understand that you have waited patiently for your pre-order fish, and we strive to maintain an accurate and timely delivery process. However, unforeseen circumstances may occur. If your pre-order fish arrive dead or deceased, we will provide a refund for your order and also include a mystery gift.

    Will the fish I Pre-order be exactly the same as the one shown in the picture?

    Each betta fish is unique, and we make every effort to select the closest matching fish to your pre-order request. Hence, the fish you receive may have slight differences such as size and color saturation.