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    Discover our Fancy Goldfish for Sale Collection!

    Welcome to Tropic Flow, where a captivating aquatic adventure awaits you. Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of fancy goldfish, where every graceful fin and vibrant hue tells a tale of elegance and beauty.

    Are Your Aquariums Lacking the Sparkle of Diversity?

    Does your aquarium need a dash of diversity? Many fish lovers search for that special something to make their tanks pop. If so, stop searching and dive into our Fancy Goldfish Collection to discover a world where diversity meets vibrancy.

    Our selection includes spectacular breeds that bring life and color to any aquarium. From the celestial-eyed Pearlscale to the flowing fins of the Butterfly Tail, each fish is a living jewel, ready to brighten your aquatic environment.

    Embrace the opportunity to transform your tank with our handpicked goldfish, each boasting its own distinct personality and style. Whether you want to create a serene underwater garden or a dynamic aquatic display, our Fancy Goldfish are the perfect choice to add that special touch of elegance and diversity.

    Discover the Beauty of Fancy Goldfish

    1. Baby Red And White Ranchu Goldfish: Adorned with lively red and pure white, these aquatic gems boast a plump form and a delicate, fan-shaped tail that dances through the water. They're a joy for seasoned and budding goldfish lovers, infusing freshwater habitats with their spirited presence and resilient nature.
    2. Baby Calico Ranchu Goldfish: Their skin is a canvas painted with vibrant orange, stark black, and snowy white. With their petite build and velvety, rounded head, they add a touch of finesse to your aquarium. Versatile and hardy, they flourish in diverse water worlds, appealing to both greenhorns and veteran fishkeepers.
    3. Tri-Color Oranda: This stately swimmer weaves red, black, and white into a captivating tapestry. Its prominent, bulbous head cap is its crowning glory, offering a dash of grandeur. The Tri-Color Oranda epitomizes underwater elegance, a treasure for collectors and a sophisticated accent for any tank.
    4. Red And White Double Chin Chuppy Face Ranchu Goldfish: Sporting a playful double chin and a cheerful 'chubby' visage, set off by vivid red and stark white hues. Their amiable nature makes them a hit in any freshwater setting. Sturdy and low-maintenance, they're the perfect pick to spruce up your aquatic decor.
    5. Tri-Color Oranda Short Tail: This little charmer features a brief tail that accentuates its round body. Clad in a tricolor blend and crowned with a pronounced wen, it's a miniature marvel. Ideal for cozy tanks, it delivers all the splendor and grace of its larger kin.
    6. AAA Grade Ranchu Tiger: This elite breed dazzles with a vivid color palette, a sturdy physique, and sleek lines. Celebrated for their vigor and zest, these goldfish elevate both competitive showcases and personal aquariums. Their top-tier quality and dramatic looks are a dream for aficionados in pursuit of excellence.
    7. AAA Grade Giant Size Ranchu Tiger: Surpassing the usual Ranchu in stature, they carry the same esteemed traits on a grander scale. Their dynamic colors and flawless form command attention, making a bold statement in any aquatic exhibit. Strong and majestic, they're cultivated for their stunning beauty and robust health.
    8. AAA Grade Red White Lion 4-5 Inches: With a color scheme reminiscent of royalty and a wen that evokes the king of beasts, they glide with poise and allure. Ideal for newcomers and connoisseurs alike, they serve as a breathtaking focal point in any freshwater tank.

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    Join Our Community at Tropic Flow

    Welcome to Tropic Flow, where we are more than just fish sellers - we are a community of goldfish enthusiasts who are passionate about celebrating the beauty of these captivating creatures. We aim to provide expert guidance, valuable maintenance tips, and a platform for hobbyists to share their stories and knowledge.

    When you choose a Fancy Goldfish from our collection, you're not just bringing home a new aquatic companion, you're embarking on an exciting journey through the fascinating world of fish.

    And when you shop at Tropic Flow, you can expect the following benefits:

    • 100% Live Arrival Guarantee: Tropicflow prioritizes customer satisfaction and offers a 100% Live Arrival Guarantee.
    • High-Quality Fish: Tropicflow is committed to providing only the healthiest and most vibrant Ranchu Goldfish.
    • Flat Shipping Rates: Tropicflow offers flat shipping rates of $211, making it affordable for you to get your Ranchu Goldfish delivered to your doorstep.

    Discover your perfect underwater pet in our Fancy Goldfish Collection today, and let the elegance and serenity of these magnificent creatures truly transform your aquarium experience.

    • 100% Live Arrival Guarantee

      At Tropicflow, our top priority is to ensure that our customers are completely satisfied with their purchases. We understand that receiving a shipment with dead livestock or plants can be a frustrating experience, which is why we offer our 100% Live Arrival Guarantee. Rest assured, we are committed to making things right and ensuring that you are happy with your purchase.

    • High Quality Fish

      At Tropicflow, we take the health and happiness of our fish seriously. That's why we only send out the best of the best - healthy fish with shiny, vibrant colors and beautifully wide tails. And before they make their way to your aquarium, we give them the royal treatment: two full days of quarantine to ensure they're in top shape and ready for their new home.

    • Flat Shipping Rates $25

      Tropicflow offers UPS 2-day air flat rate shipping for $25, allowing you to consolidate multiple fish in a single order. This cost-effective shipping option ensures swift delivery while giving you the freedom to add as many fish as you desire to your order.


    How long do fancy goldfish live?

    Fancy goldfish can live for 10 to 15 years or even longer with proper care and the right conditions.

    How big do fancy goldfish get?

    Fancy goldfish can grow to various sizes depending on the specific variety. Some can reach lengths of 6 to 8 inches, while others may grow even larger.

    How many fancy goldfish in a 10-gallon tank?

    A 10-gallon tank is unsuitable for fancy goldfish due to their size and waste production. Providing at least 20 gallons of water volume per goldfish is recommended.

    What fish can live with fancy goldfish?

    Compatible tank mates for fancy goldfish include other peaceful, coldwater fish such as white cloud mountain minnows, hillstream loaches, and dojo loaches. Avoiding fish that may nip at the goldfish's fins or compete for food is essential.

    How many fancy goldfish in a 40-gallon tank?

    In a 40-gallon tank, keeping one or two fancy goldfish is generally recommended.

    How much do fancy goldfish cost?

    The cost of fancy goldfish can vary depending on the variety, size, and where you purchase them. Prices can range from a few dollars to several hundred dollars for rare or high-quality specimens.

    How many gallons does a fancy goldfish need?

    Fancy goldfish require a minimum of 20 gallons of water volume per fish, with an additional 10 gallons for each extra fish.

    What is a fancy goldfish?

    Fancy goldfish are selectively bred freshwater fish from the carp family. They come in various colors, shapes, and other unique traits, such as double tails and flowy fins.

    How to breed fancy goldfish?

    Breeding fancy goldfish requires careful preparation, a suitable breeding tank, and specific conditions to encourage spawning. It is a complex process that involves providing the right diet, temperature changes, and water quality. You can find detailed breeding instructions in specialized resources or guides on goldfish breeding.

    Where to buy fancy goldfish?

    Fancy goldfish can be purchased from reputable pet stores, specialized fish stores, or online retailers that specialize in aquarium fish. It is important to choose a reliable source that provides healthy and well-cared-for fish.

    How fast do fancy goldfish grow?

    The growth rate of fancy goldfish can vary depending on factors such as genetics, diet, and water conditions. Generally, they can grow several inches within the first year and continue to grow slowly throughout their lifespan.

    How big can fancy goldfish get?

    Fancy goldfish can reach various sizes depending on the specific variety. Some may grow to lengths of 6 to 8 inches or even larger.

    Why is my fancy goldfish sitting at the bottom of the tank?

    If a fancy goldfish is sitting at the bottom of the tank, it could be a sign of stress, illness, or poor water quality. It is important to check the water parameters, ensure proper filtration and aeration, and monitor the fish for any other signs of illness or distress.

    How to tell if a fancy goldfish is male or female?

    Determining the sex of fancy goldfish can be challenging, especially when they are young. However, as they mature, males may develop breeding tubercles (small white bumps) on their gill covers and pectoral fins. Females may have a rounder body shape and a larger abdomen during the breeding season. The most reliable way to determine the sex is through venting, which involves examining the genital opening, but this method requires experience and should be done with care.

    What temperature do fancy goldfish like?

    Fancy goldfish prefer cooler water temperatures ranging from 65 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit (18 to 22 degrees Celsius). It is essential to avoid exposing them to extreme temperature fluctuations or very high temperatures, as it can negatively impact their health.