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    AAA Grade Red White Lion 4-5 Inches 1013RC_03

    AAA Grade Red White Lion 4-5 Inches 1013RC_03

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    Goldfish Water Parameter


    Flat Rate Shipping As Low As $25

    At Tropicflow, we strive to make the shipping process as affordable and convenient as possible for our customers. Our flat rate shipping starts as low as $25, and the more fish you purchase, the more you save on shipping fees. We encourage our customers to combine as many fish as possible in each order to take advantage of these cost-saving opportunities.

    High Quality Fish Only

    At Tropicflow, we take pride in shipping only the highest quality freshwater fish to our customers. Our fish are carefully selected for their excellent health, vibrant colors, and wide, full tails.

    100% Live Arrive Guarantee

    Tropicflow takes great pride in the quality of our products, and we proudly extend a 100% Live Arrival Guarantee for every shipment we dispatch. In the unfortunate event that any of the livestock or plants in your order do not survive upon arrival, we are dedicated to offering you a full refund in the form of store credit, covering the precise cost of the item, excluding shipping expenses. Your satisfaction is our commitment!


    At YouPick, we recognize that each aquarium serves as a unique canvas, where your fish takes center stage as the masterpiece. This is precisely why we've revolutionized the goldfish-buying process, offering you the opportunity to personally hand-pick your dream goldfish from an extraordinary array of top-tier specimens. This ensures that you discover the ideal addition to your aquatic sanctuary

    Our Standard AAA High Grade Ranchu Goldfish

    Giant Stature: These majestic goldfish are characterized by their impressive size, making them the focal point of any aquarium. You can expect these fish to grow to substantial dimensions, creating a captivating aquatic display.

    Premium Quality: We source our goldfish from trusted breeders who specialize in breeding large, healthy, and high-quality specimens. You can be sure that your fish has been raised with care and expertise.

    Diverse Selection: Our collection of Ranchu Goldfish encompasses a wide range of striking colors, shapes, and patterns. From the mesmerizing LionChu to the regal Tiger, you're sure to find a goldfish that resonates with your style and preferences.

    Health and Well-Being: We take the well-being of our fish very seriously. Our YouPick Premium Ranchu Goldfish undergo a rigorous health assessment to ensure they are free from diseases and parasites, ensuring a thriving and harmonious environment in your aquarium.

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    • High Quality Fish

      High Quality Goldfish

      Tropicflow is deeply committed to the well-being of our goldfish. We exclusively provide top-tier specimens, characterized by their robust health, dazzling colors, and perfect shape.

    • Flat Shipping Rates $15

      UPS Next Day Air

      Tropicflow provides the option of UPS Next Day Air for our high-quality, giant goldfish, guaranteeing their safe and excellent arrival at your home.

    • 100% Live Arrival Guarantee

      100% Live Arrival Guarantee

      At Tropicflow, customer satisfaction is our utmost priority. We offer a 100% Live Arrival Guarantee to ensure you receive healthy livestock and plants, and we're dedicated to resolving any issues to make sure you're delighted with your purchase.