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    Shipping & Delivery Policy

    Shipping Policy for Live Fish, Invertebrates, and Plants

    Welcome to Tropicflow! We’re dedicated to ensuring the safe and timely delivery of your aquatic life. Here’s a straightforward guide to our shipping practices.

    Understanding Your Delivery

    Expected Delivery: Delivery schedules are based on the date you place your order. While we aim for accuracy, unforeseen issues like bad weather can cause delays. Your confirmation email will specify your delivery date.

    Order Confirmation: Upon order placement, you'll receive a confirmation email summarizing your purchase. Payment verification may require further contact by phone or email, possibly affecting shipping timelines.

    Tracking Your Order: Tracking information will be provided as soon as your shipping label is created. We strongly recommend monitoring this to ensure you're available for package receipt, safeguarding your new pets from environmental risks.

    Choosing the Right Shipper

    The health and well-being of the fish are our top priorities when selecting a shipping provider. Sometimes, we might choose a different shipper than originally requested to ensure a quicker, more reliable delivery.

    The amount of time fish spend in transit is crucial to their health. Thus, Tropicflow recommends opting for the fastest shipping options, like UPS Overnight, to ensure your fish have the safest and quickest journey to their new home.

    Shipping Options and Schedule

    • Standard Shipping: Uses USPS Priority or UPS Ground services.
    • Express Shipping: USPS Express or UPS 2 Days Air. Our Live Arrival Guarantee fully applies to this option.
    • Overnight Shipping: UPS Next Day Air Early. This is the recommended option for the fastest and safest delivery, fully covered by our Live Arrival Guarantee.
    • We typically ship orders on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. This schedule helps avoid weekend holds and ensures the well-being of the aquatic life during transit.
    Orders may be delayed or held in response to extreme local weather conditions such as heatwaves, cold spells, storms, or earthquakes, prioritizing the safety of the animals.

      Estimated Delivery Schedule

      Order Day Shipping Day Estimated Delivery Day
      Monday Tuesday Wednesday
      Tuesday Wednesday Friday
      Wednesday Monday Wednesday
      Thursday Monday Wednesday
      Friday Monday Wednesday
      Saturday Monday Wednesday
      Sunday Tuesday Thursday

      We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in ensuring the best possible start for your new aquatic life. Should you have any questions or need further details about our shipping policy, please feel free to contact us.

      Thank you for choosing Tropicflow!

      The Tropicflow Team

      Shipping Process

      • 2-Day Quarantine

        Quarantine is a process of isolating live animals, including fish, to prevent the spread of disease or parasites. Quarantine fish before shipping to ensure that they are healthy and free of any infectious diseases or parasites that could potentially spread to other fish at their destination

      • Pack-N-Ship

        Live fish will be packaged in a way that allows them to breathe and stay hydrated during shipping. This usually involves using a sturdy container with a secure lid and adding some form of oxygen (such as an air stone) and a small amount of water to the container

      • Delivery Service

        Live fish will be shipped using a method that ensures they will arrive at their destination as quickly as possible. This may involve using a faster shipping option, such as overnight or two-days shipping