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Betta fish are more than just pets – They are companions, friends, and members of the family

Fancy Betta Collection

"Betta fish are living works of art, each one unique and beautiful in its own way"

  • Fancy Hellboy Betta

    Fancy hellboy bettas, also known as show bettas, are bred specifically for their unique color patterns and fin shapes, which are star tail and solid red body and can include a variety of colors and patterns such as red, yellow, black, and more.

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  • Marble Betta

    Marble Dot Bettas are a type of ornamental fish that are prized for their unique appearance. They are created by breeding different strains of Betta fish that exhibit different color patterns, with the goal of producing fish with a marbled appearance. The marble pattern can be any combination of colors, including blue, green, red, black, and yellow.

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  • Multicolor Betta

    A Multicolor Betta fish is one that exhibits multiple colors on its body (3 or more colors) rather than a single solid color. Some common colors that can be found on multicolor bettas include red, blue, purple, green, yellow,...

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  • Solid Color Betta

    Solid Color Betta is the most popular betta around the world. Solid Color Betta fish are known for their vibrant solid color, which can range from a deep, dark to a bright, almost neon red. Few popular solid color betta: Super Red, Super White, Super Yellow, Super Black,...

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  • Black Galaxy Betta (Rare)

    Black Galaxy Betta ( Black Avarta Betta) fish are prized for their unique coloring, which can range from a deep, rich black to a metallic blue or green. They have long, flowing fins and a slender, streamlined body shape, which makes them a popular choice among aquarists. Black Galaxy Betta is very rare in the market and come with high value.

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  • Koi Galaxy Betta

    Koi Galaxy Betta is a type of marble betta fish with patterns and colors that make it look similar to its namesake, the koi fish. Koi Galaxy Betta has been bred to have coloring similar to that of a koi fish, just in a smaller, more home-aquarium-friendly size. Koi Galaxy Bettas are typically white with a combination of black, red, yellow, or orange color splotches. However, there are fancy versions that also include other color splotches, such as blue or green. 

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  • Dumbo Ear Betta

    Dumbo Ear Betta is a variety of Betta fish known for its distinctive, large pectoral fins that resemble the ears of Disney's character Dumbo the Elephant. They are prized for their unique appearance and are popular among Betta fish enthusiasts.

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  • Dragon Betta

    The Dragon Betta is a wonder to look at. These bettas have prominent scales that are often a metallic color, resembling a thick layer of ‘dragon scale’ armor; these scales are usually lined with darker edges to give even more depth and prominence. Dragon Betta comes in a variety of colors, including red, black, yellow, and sometimes green.

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  • Samurai Betta

    Samurai Betta is a type of Betta fish that is characterized by a metallic sheen and sharp, angular fins. The metallic sheen is created by iridescent cells in the fish's skin, which reflect light and give the fish its unique appearance. Samurai Bettas are prized for their unique appearance and are popular among Betta fish enthusiasts.

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