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Red Pigeon Blood Discus

Red Pigeon Blood Discus

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Red Pigeon Blood Discus Fish Bio

The Red Pigeon Blood Discus is a premium freshwater fish known for its vibrant blood-red color and elegant demeanor. This discus variant is celebrated for its deep, rich red tones that mirror the brilliance of pigeon blood gemstones, making it a dazzling addition to any aquarium.

Our Selection Process

  • The image provided represents a typical example of the young, show-quality Red Pigeon Blood Discus available.
  • We offer select groups of premium young male discus.
  • Our discus are selected from the highest quality batches from our trusted farms.
  • Each order is fulfilled by handpicking the healthiest and most vibrant fish.
  • Our team of experts ensures each discus meets stringent quality and health standards before it is shipped.
  • We prioritize the health and well-being of our discus, ensuring they are in peak condition prior to shipment.
  • Each selected discus is carefully packaged and promptly shipped to ensure it arrives in excellent condition.

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Flat Rate Shipping As Low As $25

At Tropicflow, we strive to make the shipping process as affordable and convenient as possible for our customers. Our flat rate shipping starts as low as $20, and the more fish you purchase, the more you save on shipping fees. We encourage our customers to combine as many fish as possible in each order to take advantage of these cost-saving opportunities.

High Quality Fish Only

At Tropicflow, we take pride in shipping only the highest quality freshwater fish to our customers. Our fish are carefully selected for their excellent health, vibrant colors, and wide, full tails.

100% Live Arrive Guarantee

Tropicflow takes great pride in the quality of our products, and we proudly extend a 100% Live Arrival Guarantee for every shipment we dispatch. In the unfortunate event that any of the livestock or plants in your order do not survive upon arrival, we are dedicated to offering you a full refund in the form of store credit, covering the precise cost of the item, excluding shipping expenses. Your satisfaction is our commitment!

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Customer Review

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  • High Quality Fish

    High Quality Fish

    At Tropicflow, we take the health and happiness of our fish seriously. That's why we only send out the best of the best - healthy fish with shiny, vibrant colors and beautifully wide tails. And before they make their way to your aquarium, we give them the royal treatment: two full days of quarantine to ensure they're in top shape and ready for their new home.

  • Flat Shipping Rates $15

    Flat Shipping Rates $20

    Tropicflow offers UPS 2-day air flat rate shipping for $20, allowing you to consolidate multiple fish in a single order. This cost-effective shipping option ensures swift delivery while giving you the freedom to add as many fish as you desire to your order.

  • 100% Live Arrival Guarantee

    100% Live Arrival Guarantee

    At Tropicflow, our top priority is to ensure that our customers are completely satisfied with their purchases. We understand that receiving a shipment with dead livestock or plants can be a frustrating experience, which is why we offer our 100% Live Arrival Guarantee. Rest assured, we are committed to making things right and ensuring that you are happy with your purchase.