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    What is Koi Red Galaxy Betta? Everything You Need to Know!


    What is Koi Red Galaxy Betta?

    What is Koi Betta Fish?

    Koi Galaxy Bettas are known for their unique and vibrant coloration and patterns, which are the result of selective breeding by fish hobbyists in Thailand. They are not a naturally occurring variety, but a result of selective breeding.

    What does Koi Mean?

    koi Red Galaxy Betta Fish
    Koi Red Galaxy Betta Fish Plakat (Short Tail)

    As we mention, Koi Bettas combine the beauty of Koi fish with the smaller size of bettas.

    Koi Red Betta Fish Tail

    Koi Red Betta fish come with both Plakat (short tail) and Halfmoon Tail (Long Tail) which is very polular in betta fish keeping. These striking beauties are all the rage in the betta fish keeping community.

    The Main Color of Koi Red Betta Fish?

    The coloration of koi red galaxy bettas is typically a combination of red, blue, or purple with metallic scales that can have a variety of different colors such as gold, green, or even pink. But the base color of betta fish is Red, the scale come with white dot that why breeder call them Koi Red Galaxy

    The fins of Koi Galaxy Bettas are also known for their unique patterns and colors, with some having metallic scales, others having transparent fins, and others having a combination of different colors. In fact, the highest grade of Koi Betta Fish is Koi Red Galaxy which the scale is tiny dot like galaxy.

    Koi Red Gold Galaxy Betta Fish
    Koi Red Gold Plakat Betta Fish

    When it comes to the patterns, they can be different depending on the breeding and the fish, some koi galaxy bettas can have a marble pattern, others can have a dragon scale pattern, and others can have a butterfly pattern.

    Koi Red Galaxy Halfmoon
    Koi Red Galaxy Betta Fish Halfmoon (Long Tail)

    How Many Type of Koi Betta Fish

    There are several types of Koi Betta Fish depending on what breeders are searching for. Some breeders focus on achieving distinctive patterns, while others prioritize vibrant colors. As a result, we find a variety of Koi Betta Fish types:

    • Koi Red Gold
    • Koi Red Copper
    • Koi Red Galaxy
    • Koi Yellow
    • Koi Yellow Copper
    • Koi Yellow Galaxy

    How to care for Koi Red Betta Fish?

    In terms of care, koi galaxy bettas are relatively hardy and easy to care for, making them a good choice for both experienced and novice fish keepers. They require a heated aquarium with a small water volume, as well as an appropriate diet of high-quality betta fish food. They also require regular water changes and maintenance to keep the water clean and healthy. And do not for get to add plenty of plant inside your aquatic tank, Koi Betta Fish or Betta Fish they like to discover, and nature environment. So, plant is one of must to have in your betta tank!

    Looking to purchase Koi Betta Fish?

    At TropicFlow, we offer a selection of over 200 Koi Betta Fish, ranging from classic varieties to the most exotic specimens that you can personally select. Moreover, our knowledgeable staff is available to assist you and provide expert advice for your Koi Betta Fish journey.


    It is worth mentioning that breeding koi galaxy bettas is a bit more complicated than breeding regular bettas. This is because the koi galaxy coloration is the result of selective breeding and crossing different colored bettas. Breeding two koi galaxy bettas together doesn't always result in offspring with the same coloration or pattern. Therefore, it's important to be familiar with betta breeding and genetics if you are planning to breed koi galaxy bettas.



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