What is Selected Breeder?


Halfmoon Betta Fish

What is Selected Breeder?

Betta Fish Mating
Betta Fish Mating

Selective breeding is a process that involves selectively choosing the animals to breed based on specific desired traits or characteristics.The goal of selective breeding is to produce offspring that consistently exhibit these desired traits, and over time, a strain of animals with these characteristics will be developed. This can be done through inbreeding, line breeding or outcrossing.

How many type of breed?

There are several type of breed: inbreed, line breeding and outcrossing breed. Difference breed technique have difference pros and cons and it is depending on what are breeder looking for.


Inbreeding is the process of breeding animals that are closely related to one another. This can be done by breeding siblings, parent and offspring, or grandparents and grandchildren. This helps to maintain the desired traits in the offspring. However, inbreeding also increases the likelihood of genetic disorders or health problems.


Line breeding is the process of breeding animals that are related but not as closely as inbreeding. This can be done by breeding first cousins, or animals that share a common ancestor. This allows for the maintenance of certain traits while also introducing new genetic diversity.

Outcrossing Breeding

Outcrossing is the process of breeding animals that are not closely related. This can be done by breeding animals from different strains or lines. Outcrossing can help to introduce new genetic diversity and reduce the risk of inbreeding depression. It is important to note that selective breeding can also have negative consequences, such as inbreeding depression.

How to Breed Betta Fish at Home?

This is a phenomenon that occurs when animals that are too closely related are bred together, resulting in a decrease in fertility, health, and overall fitness. Therefore, it's important for a breeder to have a deep understanding of genetics and animal breeding and to be aware of the potential negative consequences of selective breeding.

Betta Fish Breeding

In the case of betta fish, reputable breeders will have a deep understanding of the genetics of bettas and will be able to provide information about the genetic background and health history of their fish. They will also be able to provide information about the breeding process and the specific traits they are working to improve. When looking for a betta fish breeder, it's important to research and finds one who has a good reputation and is transparent about their breeding practices.


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