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    How Many Type Of Guppy Fish? - Tropicflow

    How Many Type Of Guppy Fish?



    There are many different types of guppy fish, each with its own unique combination of colors, patterns, and tail shapes. Some popular types include:

    1. Wild-type guppy: The natural form of the fish, typically greenish-brown with dark spots and a simple tail fin.

    2. Veil tail guppy: Has a long and flowing tail fin.

    3. Delta guppy: Has a triangular tail fin.

    4. Lyretail guppy: Has a double tail fin.

    5. Spade tail guppy: Has a square-shaped tail fin.

    6. Half-moon guppy: Has a round tail fin that forms a half-moon shape.

    7. Metallic guppy: Has a shiny metallic sheen to its scales.

    8. Snake-skin guppy: Has a unique pattern of color and texture on the body, which gives it the appearance of a snake skin.

    9. Dragon guppy: Has a unique tail shape and color that gives it the appearance of a dragon.

    10. Tiger guppy: Has a tiger-like pattern on the body.

    11. Leopard guppy: Has a leopard-like pattern on the body.

    12. Dalmatian guppy: Has a dalmatian-like pattern on the body.

    13. Balloon guppy: Has a round body shape which is almost similar to a balloon.

    14. Grass guppy: Has a green coloration and a pattern that resembles grass.

    15. Neon guppy: Has a bright neon coloration on the body.

    16. Mosaic guppy: Has a unique pattern of coloration on the body.

    17. Blonde guppy: Has a unique light coloration on the body.

    18. Endler's guppy: A small guppy that is closely related to the wild-type guppy.

    19. Giant guppy: A larger guppy that can grow up to 4 inches in length.

    20. Dwarf guppy: A small guppy that is usually less than 2 inches in length.

    It is worth noting that this list is not exhaustive and there are many other types of guppy fish that exist. Also, some guppy fish can have a combination of different variants, such as a half-moon guppy with a metallic coloration. Also, some guppy fish can be classified as a specific breed or variety by the official organizations that keep track of such things, such as the International Fancy Guppy Association (IFGA) and the Guppy International Breeders Association (GIBA).


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