5 Things People Get Wrong About Female Betta Fish


5 Things People Get Wrong About Female Betta Fish

Betta fish are popular pets, but there are some things people often get wrong about the females. Let's clear up five big misunderstandings and share the real facts to help you take good care of these beautiful fish.

1. Female Bettas Are Bright and Beautiful

Some think female bettas aren't as pretty as males, but that's not true. Female bettas come in many bright colors and shapes, just like the boys such as Koi Red, Koi Nemo,... They can be blue, red, white, or even soft colors. By picking females for their colors, you can make your fish tank look amazing.

Koi Red Copper Female Betta Fish Sorority
Female Betta Fish are beautiful too.

2. Female Bettas Can Live Together

I've been breeding bettas for 10 years, and I've seen that female bettas can live together without fighting. This group is called a sorority. The trick is to choose females that grew up together, are about the same size, and look similar. This helps them get along better. Just make sure their home has lots of space and places to hide.

Female Betta Fish - Everything You Need to Know 

Koi Nemo Black Base Female Betta Fish Sorority
Female Betta Fish Sorority.

3. Female Bettas Need Care Just Like Males

It's not true that female bettas are easier to care for than males. They need the same things: a big enough tank (at least 5 gallons), warm water (between 76 and 82 degrees), clean water, and good food. Taking care of them this way keeps them healthy and happy.

4. Female Bettas Are Friendly

Even though they might not show off like male bettas, female bettas can be just as friendly. They get to know who takes care of them and can even learn tricks if you spend time with them. It's fun to see how they can interact with you.

Yellow Dragon Female Betta Fish Sorority
Female Betta Fish are as friendly as male ones.

5. Breeding Takes Effort

Breeding any bettas, males or females, needs a lot of know-how. It's not easier to breed females. You need the right water, food, and careful introduction of the fish to each other. It takes time and effort to breed bettas the right way.

Where to Buy Female Betta Fish

Tropicflow is the biggest brand name to buy female betta fish. We carry a wide range of collection of female betta fish, and of course, they are born and raised together as a sorority. Choosing Tropicflow means choosing quality and peace of mind for your aquarium.


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